A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Mystery of Robot Planet is going to be a spiritual successor to the oldschool point and click adventure games of the 90s such as Monkey Island. Unlike these games however, the art style is to be reminiscent of the early Pokemon games.

The game is currently in development, however I do have a demo available to download for those wanting a little insight on what to expect. It contains the first part of the game.

The expected release date is sometime in 2018. I'm planning on having a few separate endings to the game all depending on choices made within the campaign. It'll hopefully be available for Windows, macOS and Linux and maybe even Android. I'll post more details when I'm closer to releasing.

NB - Some sprites including main character sprites are simple placeholders.

Stuck on a puzzle? Check out the video to the top right! It is a full speedrun of the Demo and has all the answers to how you proceed.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP - 10 // macOS 10.9 - 10.12 // 64bit Debian Linux.

CONTROLS: Arrow keys - movement. Space - use. I - inventory. Q - back/esc/pause. The game autosaves whilst playing.

Placeholder Music - Eric Skiff. Check out his tunes they're awesome! http://ericskiff.com/music/

Forum - http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=13222.0

Website - https://www.roadbloc.co.uk

Something not right? Maybe a puzzle doesn't make sense to you or maybe you've found a bug. Or maybe you just want to get something off your chest. I welcome all feedback! Please contact me at feedback@roadbloc.co.uk

Install instructions

All platforms - Extract the zip file.

Windows - robot_win.exe - Windows users may need to bypass Microsoft Smartscreen by clicking "more info" and then "run anyway".

Mac - robot_mac

Linux - robot_lnx - Linux users may need to mark the file as executable.


The Mystery of Robot Planet Demo.zip 69 MB

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