Known Bugs

The following is a list of the known bugs in the latest public build of the game. When I have fixed them I'll mark them as (fixed) and then strike them from the list when a newer build is uploaded.

  • Facing the wrong way when using a warp will send the player character in the wrong direction.
  • Some inventory item names cause a graphical glitch with the inventory screen background. (fixed)
  • Some sentences regarding item pickups are grammatically incorrect (ie. you got the lamb's t-card).
  • Cutscenes sometimes cause screen flicker after playing.
  • Using the pull cord on the motor base (in that order) doesn't work even though it should. (fixed)
  • Introduction doesn't play on first run. (fixed)
  • Cutscenes involving player movement freezes map animations. (fixed)
  • Value that counts inventory items broken, resulting in being unable to occasionally combine items when you have more than two available. (fixed)
  • Value that counts inventory items broken, resulting in occasional softlocking of the game when attempting to combine items when you have only one available. (fixed)
  • Most controls fail to work when using Xbox 360 Pad on Windows. This issue does not effect MacOS or Linux users.
  • Player Character T-Card shows 'male' player character model when 'female' player character is selected. (fixed)
  • Female Player Character talk sprites revert to old sprites once player gets the Uniform. (fixed)
  • Music in intros and main menus reloads despite being same music. (fixed)

Noticed a bug that isn't on this list? Let me know at !!

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