Penultimate Update!

This update focuses on engine code improvements, polish and some map tweaks. Players of the last build will notice very little difference.

- Improved engine code. This includes removing old code, reducing the amount of repeated lines of code and placing metadata location in string values. Most players will not notice any difference.
- Added poster to Kitchen explaining T-Card permissions.
- Cheat/debug interface removed.
- Spelling errors fixed (thanks Johny B.)
- Small tweaks to object collision data on some maps.
- Fixed bug where pressed keys would occasionally stack, resulting in irritation for the player.

Now the engine and part 1 is polished, future focus will be on making the rest of the game. Starting with part 2. ;)

Feel free to play and distribute this Demo! The full release is expected late 2018!


The Mystery of Robot Planet Demo.zip (69 MB)
9 days ago

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