A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

I was bored one day so I decided I wanted to make a game. However, the only language I know is QBasic. But I pressed on anyway, hoping to some day make an old-school Zelda-like game.

Zombie Game is a game running on my prototype engine. It has bugs, mainly in the zombie AI and due to this I decided to turn my focus on a fresh engine that would have more AI functionality.

The art style is in that of circles and squares. This is because I can't art and saw no point in creating art for this doomed project. Not much sound either. Sorry about that.

Full instructions provided in the PDF file. Source code provided in TXT file. The game is the EXE file, tested on Windows XP to 10. Should work in WINE too for our brothers on Mac and Linux.

UPDATE - Made a Linux version. I've only tested it it on Xubuntu but I think it should work on most Debian distros.

Install instructions

Requires Windows. Or something that can do what Windows does. zombie.exe is the file to run.


Zombie Game.pdf (75 kB)
zombie.exe (3 MB)
zombie.txt (198 kB)
zombie (3 MB)

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